In our advanced Laboratory we conduct research and development of new processes for Oil&Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical industries. Day by day we work on enhancement of our existing technologies to bring maximum efficiency for our Clients’ productions and contribute to the improvement of environmental situation. We explore various options for our catalysts application, as well as experimenting with development of new compositions.

Here we carry out the assembly of pilot semi-industrial plants for testing of new processes, detection of various bottlenecks and necessary modifications and improvements when scaling.

Laboratory is outfitted with all types of equipment necessary for quantitative detection of sulfur compounds in hydrocarbon and aqueous-alkaline media and their distribution depending on hydrocarbon composition:

  • chromatographic analysis of sulfur compounds in hydrocarbons;
  • chromatographic analysis of hydrocarbon composition;
  • quantitative determination of total sulfur in hydrocarbon fractions;
  • quantitative determination of mercaptans, hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide and carbon disulfide in hydrocarbon fractions;
  • quantitative determination of inorganic sulphides mercaptides, thiosulfate, sulfite and sulfate in an aqueous alkaline medium;
  • quantitative determination of moisture in hydrocarbons;
  • spectrophotometric analysis;
  • atmospheric oil distillation – LAB-1.