DemerusS копия меньше


demerusDEMERUS process was developed by R&D Center «AhmadullinS» in the 90s of XX century for solving multifaceted problems of mercaptan removal - natural gas and LPG sweetening, naphtha, kerosene, diesel fractions, gas condensates and light oils treatment. Feature of the proposed technology is the use of heterogeneous polymer-based phthalocyanine catalyst.


Mercaptan removal - sweetening of natural (DEMERUS NG process) and liquefied petroleum (DEMERUS LPG process)  gases is carried by extraction of mercaptans contained in the treated feedstock with alkaline solution, followed by regeneration of alkali in the presence of heterogeneous KSM-X catalyst. If  there is carbonyl sulfide (COS) in the feedstock, unit of regenerative diethanolamine removal of COS (technology - DEMERUS LPG + COS) precedes mercaptan removal unit.

Naphtha treatment (DEMERUS NAPHTHA process) proceeds by alkaline oxidative sweetening in the presence of heterogeneous KSM-X catalyst. Technology of mercaptan removal from kerosene fraction (DEMERUS JET process), is used for producing jet fuel of the highest quality and for white spirit deodorization. It is also based on alkaline oxidative sweetening. Gas condensates sweetening (DEMERUS GASCOND process), applies solely to prepare them for transportation, and is based on extractive alkaline mercaptan removal with further separation of disulfide oil.