Our constant customers are major Oil&Gas companies, such as: JSC «ROSNEFT», JSC «LUKOIL», JSC «Gazprom NEFT», JSC «BASHNEFT», JSC «TAIF‑NK», ORLEN Lietuva and others.


In the period from 2010 to 2015, we have commissioned 5 units of LPG sweetening, 1 unit for kerosene treatment, issued 6 basic designs for new plants construction. Five companies bought heterogeneous KSM catalyst.


  1. 2015. Gazpromneft Moscow Refinery JSOC, Moscow. Propane, butane, pentane mercaptan removal process in GFU unit.
  2. 2015. Bahrain, Manama. DEMERUS JET – kerosene fraction mercaptan removal process.
  3. 2014. LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez LLC, Kstovo. DEMERUS LPG – butane fraction mercaptan removal.
  4. 2013. ORLEN Lietuva, Mažeikiai. About catalyst KSM efficiency. Act on KSM catalyst efficiency.
  5. 2010. JSOC “TAIF-NK”, Nizhnekamsk. DEMERUS LPG – propane-propylene and butane-butylene fractions mercaptan removal.
  6. 2010. LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez LLC, Kstovo. DEMERUS LPG – mercaptan removal from butane fraction — product of hydrogen fluoride alkylation unit.
  7. 2001. Slavneft-YaNOS JSОC, Yaroslavl. PBBF mercaptan removal process.
  8. 1996. Moscow Refinery JSOC, Moscow. BBF mercaptan removal process in LI-150 unit.
  9. 1996. ORLEN Lietuva, Mažeikiai. Butane-butylene fraction mercaptan removal process with heterogeneous KS catalyst.
  10. 1996. ORLEN Lietuva, Mažeikiai. Process condensate treatment with heterogeneous KS catalyst.