R&D Center «Ahmadullins» offers a complex of services for development of the Basic designs and Operating procedures for designing new and reconstruction of existing plants for hydrocarbons sweetening (mercaptan removal) and alkaline sulfur wastes treatment at oil refineries and petrochemical plants.

Typical sections of Basic design include:

  1. Introduction
  2. General information on the process technology
  3. Process engineering performance standard, patentability and non-infringement quality
  4. Characteristics of feedstock, products, main and auxiliary materials
  5. Technical characteristics of wastes and emissions
  6. Process technology
  7. Process conditions
  8. Application rates of main and auxiliary materials
  9. Process material and heat balance
  10. Process physical and chemical bases
  11. Specification of the process equipment
  12. Physicochemical and thermal properties of the starting, intermediate, final products, by-products and wastes
  13. Recommendations for processing equipment construction and design
  14. Control and production management
  15. Safety information, industrial sanitation and fire prevention
  16. Environmental protection
  17. Recommendations for plant startup and shutdown