Our founder and leader — Akhmadullina Alfiia Garipovna after completing postgraduate studies in 1973 was assigned by MNHP USSR to All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Hydrocarbons (VNIIUS) in Kazan. She has participated in development of homogeneous catalytic process of alkaline mercaptan removal from light hydrocarbons – “VNIIUS-12″. This process was first implemented in 1974. Under the leadership of Akhmadullina A.G. were developed and standardized methods of sulfur compounds analysis in light hydrocarbon feedstock to control”VNIIUS-12″ process. Standardized methods: GOST 22985-90 ” Liquefied hydrocarbon gases. Method for hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan sulfur determination”, GOST 22986-78 ” Liquefied hydrocarbon gases. Method for total sulfur determination” and GOST 20448-90«Liquefied hydrocarbon gases for domestic consumption. Technical conditions”.

In 1983, polymer-based heterogeneous phthalocyanine catalyst of KS Series was developed and patented. Unlike the homogeneous phthalocyanine catalysts, the heterogeneous KS catalyst is resistant to thermal degradation and to hydrolytic effects of alkali and also has long service life.
Laboratory №12 at VNIIUS, headed by Akhmadullina A.G., developed process of alkaline mercaptan removal from light hydrocarbons with KS catalyst – Demer-LUVS (DEMERUS LPG). At the same time process for local catalytic oxidative treatment of sulfur alkaline wastes and process condensates with KS catalyst (LOCOS process) was developed. Since 1990, Demer-LUVS and LOCOS processes were implemented on 8 refineries – for BBF sweetening and treatment of process condensates from catalytic cracking units G-43-107, KT-1 and AGFU (Mažeikiai (1990), Moscow (1992) , Lisichansk (1994), Omsk (1995), Ufa (1996)).

In 1996, KS catalyst was modified, changed composition and geometric shape of packing elements, was patented and announced under the brand name – KSM catalyst. Following processes with KSM catalyst were implemented: PBBF and BF sweetening (DEMERUS LPG) at the Yaroslavl refinery (2000), Lukoil-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez (2010), OJSC “TAIF-NK” (2010). At the same time new sweetening processes were developed and patented: kerosene fraction treatment – Demer-KSP (DEMERUS JET), naphtha treatment – DEMERUS NAPHTHA. In 2012, a new modification of catalyst was developed – KSM-X catalyst.

In 2004 Ahmadullina Alfiya Garipovna established Research and Development Center (R&D Center) «AhmadullinS: Science and Technology”. R&D Center is the Licensor and owner of the Russian Federation patents for KSM and KSM-X catalysts, as well as the above processes of hydrocarbons sweetening (DEMERUS) and wastewater treatment (LOCOS).