Results of 2019

Friends, Colleagues, our Dear Customers! Please accept our sincere congratulations on the upcoming New Year! We wish your health, happiness, well-being, success and prosperity in business in 2020!

The outgoing 2019 year was full of important events, bold projects and the successful work of all divisions of the R&D Center “AhmadullinS – Science and Technologies”:

  1. Issued 4 Basic Designs:
  • Recalculation of Basic Design of the LPG Mercaptan Removal Unit of UZK-2000 «BASHNEFT»;
  • Development of Basic Design of sulfur-alkaline wastes treatment unit of JSC «SNPS-Aktobemunaigas» by LOCOS technology in the presence of the KSM-X catalyst.
  • Development of Basic design of the LPG Mercaptan Removal Unit and supply of KSM-X catalyst for JSC «Novoshakhtinsky Oil Products Plant»
  • Research and Development on the topic: Development of a method for sulfur-alkaline wastes treatment of the PJSC «NKNH» Ethylene Plant Pyrolysis Unit.


  1. Contracts are signed and in progress on the following topics:
  • Development of the Basic Design of the LPG Mercaptan Removal Unit of PJSC «Orsknefteorgsintez»;
  • Concluding a License Agreement for the right to use the «Demerus» technology at PJSC «Orsknefteorgsintez»;
  • Supply of KSM-X Catalyst for sulfur-alkaline wastes treatment unit of JSC «SNPS-Aktobemunaigas» by LOCOS method;
  • Supply of KSM-X Catalyst for JSC «Novoshakhtinsky Oil Products Plant».


  1. Manufactured and delivered 2 batches of KSM-X catalyst for the following Companies:
  • LLC «LUKOIL-Ukhtaneftepererabotka»
  • JSC «Mozyr Refinery», Belorussia


  1. 3 patents of the Russian Federation were granted:
  • 2680522 The method for purification of hydrocarbon feedstocks from acidic impurities.
  • 2699020 The method for purification of high-boiling hydrocarbon fractions from mercaptans.
  • 2689572 The method for the regeneration of alkanolamines in the purification of hydrocarbon gases from hydrogen sulfide.


  1. 4 scientific articles were published, 2 of them in Russian Journals and 2 in foreign.


  1. PhD student Hoang Hien Yi defended a dissertation in the field of Kinetics and Catalysis for the degree of candidate of sciences on the topic: «LIQUID PHASE OXIDATION OF INORGANIC SULFIDES IN WATER-HYDROCARBON MEDIUM IN THE PRESENCE OF 3,3′,5,5′-TETRA-TERT-BUTYL-4,4′-STILBENEQUINONE CATALYST».


  1. A UV-spectrometer was purchased for the analytical laboratory.


  1. The vortex layer apparatus (VLA) was put into operation.


  1. An installation, that allows reactions to be carried out in the supercritical region has been put into operation.


  1. R&D AhmadullinS together with Ltd «TECHNOMIR» continue to work on implementation for the design and put into operation of the «DESULFOX» pilot unit.


  1. R&D AhmadullinS was participated in the Russian EXPO Hanoi under the auspices of the Russian export center.


  1. R&D AhmadullinS mastered in the initial stage of assembly and operation of pilot plants.