Results of 2017 year

Dear Friends, Colleagues, our Customers and Partners! We would like to congratulate you with New Year holidays!

We wish you in upcoming 2018 health, happiness, wellness, success and prosperity in business!

The outgoing year 2017 was full of important events, bold projects and successful work of all divisions of the Research and Design Center «AhmadullinS — Science and Technology».
1. Two Basic Design Projects were issued:
— Treatment of LPG from mercaptans and carbonyl sulphide for LLC «LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez»;
— Treatment of LPG from mercaptans for JSC “Mozyr Oil Refinery”.
2. JSC “Slavneft YANOS” purchased 1.5 tons of heterogeneous catalyst KSM-X for its LPG mercaptans removal unit.
3. In the Republic of Iraq (city of Kirkuk) R&D Center “AmadullinS” has set up a representative office and put into operation white spirit deodorization (sweetening) unit. The capacity of the unit is 40 m3 / day.
4. All Russian Research and Design Institute JSC “VNII NP” (Moscow) conducted laboratory tests and confirmed the efficiency of the kerosene fraction demercaptanization (sweetening) technology – DEMERUS JET.
5. The National Register of Specialists in Engineering Survey and Architectural and Construction Design has included:
— Director of Research & Design Center «AhmadullinS — Science and Technology» Ahmadullina Alfiya Garipovna, the identification number of Specialist P-045564,
— Chief engineer of Research & Design Center «AhmadullinS — Science and Technology «Ahmadullin Renat Maratovich, identification number of Specialist P 052416.
6. The material base and new directions of Research & Design Center «AhmadullinS — Science and Technology» have been developed:
— New petrochemical synthesis laboratory is equipped;
— Pilot plant for organic substances drying was put into operation;
— New direction is being developed — the use of antioxidants in animal husbandry: toxicological properties of the Bisphenol-5 antioxidant have been tested in the Federal Center for Toxicological, Radiation and Biological Safety on rats, broiler chickens, geese, calves and rabbits.
7. The patent of the Russian Federation «Method of mercaptans removal from hydrocarbon feedstock» and 2 positive solutions for «Method for the joint production of polyquinones and ethylene bisphenol» — the work of the graduate student Nigmatullin Timur and «Catalyst for liquid phase oxidation of sodium sulfide» — the work of graduate student Hien I were obtained.
8. Six scientific articles were published, representatives of R&D Center participated in the 6th International Scientific and Practical Conference (Sochi) and the «Oil Refining and Petroleum and Gas Chemistry of Tatarstan» conference (Kazan).